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Verona Travel Guide

Verona Transport

Verona is very similar to Paris at this point, because itís a small city and it isnít necessary to take a taxi or a bus to get to places. You can go around Verona on foot, but just in case youíd like to visit the lake or Verona countryside there are public transportation services available.

Itís recommended you plan your trip in advance, ask for a map at a tourist office and plan your daily agenda. Verona has some pedestrian precincts like Via Mazzini, Via Roma, Via Leoni and Corso Portoni Borsari Cappello.

By car:

From 7:30 to 10:30 am and from 1:30 to 4:30 pm historic center is closed to vehicles except for cars that go to the hotels.

Parking your car in the historic center is possible if you have a parking disk displayed. There are a lot of sites marked on your map where you can park (carparks) like in Via Cittŗ di Nimes (Railway Station), Football Stadium, Porta Vescovo, and at "Gasometro" (Lungadige Galtarossa) among others.

There are other kinds of parking where you have to pay but in this case they have high security levels. There are free bus parking in Via Pallone and Lungadige Capuleti.

By bus:

These buses stand out from others transportation services because of their bright orange color and AMT initials. Itís recommended to buy your tickets at tobacco shops in advance óalso known as tabaccherie; find them by their 'T' symboló¨¨and newsagents. Tickets costs L.1.600 and they are valid only for one hour since they are stamped. There is also a tourist ticket L. 5,000, which is valid for all Verona routes.

Blue buses are available for Lake Garda trips and also for Veronese Mountains; you can take them in the square outside Porta Nuova Railway Station. As well as with other transportation services, you have to buy tickets before getting on the bus. For further information call to: APT - Azienda Provinciale Trasporti - Tel: 0458 004 129

By taxi:

Taxis donít stop in the middle of the street because there is a special station for them at railway station in the city center. Itís possible to reserve a taxi by calling 045 532 666, they are available at all times. At railway station you can find taxi services at all times in the day and at night (Tel: 0458 004 528) and in Piazza Bra (Tel: 0458 030 565).

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