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Verona History

Verona is an historical place where several findings were revealed such a human civilization of 300,000 years ago. There are many pre-historic tools of this civilization made of stone that were used for daily or religious purposes. The Roman Emperor built big city walls in order to protect the city from enemies. At that time monumental buildings, streets and houses were constructed and decorated with a medieval style, today these historic places are in good condition and can be visited by tourists and locals.

Piazza-Delle-Erbe Verona holds the most important business and industrial centers of northern Italy and the city connects Italy to the north of Europe, which means that its harbors bring development to the region.

Before being a free city, Verona had many barbarian invasions in its territory between 5th and 10th centuries. Inhabitants of Verona fought against Federico Barbarossa and then in 1962 the city was under the control of Mastino de la Scala. Scala’s kingdom was the most important one in Verona because it expanded the territory and ruled a large part of Veneto, Romagna and Tuscany of Emilia. Imposing buildings, beautiful artworks were built in these regions.

At the beginning of the 15th century the Venetian Republic was joined by Verona, and then in 1796 Napoleonic troops settled there for six months, Verona was finally divided by French and Austrians and annexed by Maximillian Hapsburg. In 1800 Verona became an important military and administrative center in Italy. At this time Verona was reinforcing its defenses until it was converted into the stronghold of Mantua, Peschiera and Legnano. Through War of independence, this fortress was the strongest point of Lombardy and Veneto defense. Finally, Verona belonged to the Kingdom of Italy in 1866.

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