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City of Verona

Verona is one of the Italian cities with more Tourist flow per year on the Italian Peninsula. The city was declared as Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. With a population around 265.083 habitants and area of 206.63 Km2, the city is surrounded by hills, besides the Adige rives cross its lands and neighborhoods. Verona is famous by the history of Romeo and Juliet, for this reason, this one receives the name of the most romantic city in Italy, Actually, the city conserves the majority of its historical buildings since the Roman age, Middle age inter alia until our days.

The city was an important business and cultural center in Italy, Verona was occupied by the Celtics until 90 B.C. when it was conquest by the Roman Empire. The Roman amphitheater of Verona is an example of this age. Nowadays, Verona is the second artistic city after Venetia, for this reason many cultural activities are realize in the principal sights of Verona. Art exhibitions that show us the history of the city are reflected in these art pieces, however the city has natural attractions recognized in all Europe as the Lake Garda.

Verona has important places and sights to visit and enjoy. For example the Verona Arena is the biggest Roman amphitheater in Italy (Only after of the Roman Coliseum) which receive music concerts in summers. The Piazza delle Erbe was an ancient Roman Forum and actually is the most famous square in the City. The Tower Dei Lamberti is other charm that Verona has for us; this tower is called the Viewpoint of Verona and has 84 meters of altitude, this edification was built between XII and XV centuries or the Juliet House where, according the traditions, the Capetís family lived ignoring the love between Juliet and Romeo.

The attractions of the city are many and variety likes the Domo of Santa Maria, this edification was built in 1187 and its style are Gothic and Romantic. The Santa Anastasia church is an important church inside Verona; it is the biggest in the city, the Franciscan congregation administered the church between 129 and 1481. Other important place in Verona is the Barbieri Palace; it is a beautiful edification since 18 century with a neoclassic style, actually here is located the Town Hall. In Conclusion, Verona a city unforgettable that is waiting for you.

Verona, the ancient Italy
Verona, the ancient Italy
Verona City Italy
Verona City Italy

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