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Explore Verona: To the Castelvecchio

Scala family constructed the Castelvecchio in the 13th century; the construction of the royal castle began in 1534. In that time the ruling class was very well-known for its barbarism, Della Scalla family was very evil. This royal Castle was turned into an urban fortress during war times by the Scala family. In 1920-1930 it was used as a museum.

In 1404 Verona belonged to Venetian Republic and the castle was converted into Venetian military academy until 1923. In 1925 it was renovated by Antonio Avena and the architect Ferdinando Forlati. The façade, as well other ancient monuments, were decorated with Renaissance and Gothic elements. And finally the Castelvecchio was used as a museum. Two main reconstructions were carried out, the first one was in 1923 but people were dissatisfied with it. Therefore it was necessary another reconstruction, Carlo Scarpa was entrusted to perform the second reconstruction in 1958. He wanted to restore the whole building and convert it into the Royal Castle.

This huge Castle is located in a strategic position near the Adige River. One of its main characteristics is a stone bridge, a masterpiece of engineering, which is located inside the castle and divides it into two areas; the bridge length is 119.90 m and is known as the Ponte Scaligero, It’s believed that it was used as a escape route during war times and only people who were in the Castle could access it. As well other bridges at the same middle age, this castle has a bridge tower, and the construction material was mainly red trick.

Nowadays tourists and locals can appreciate Romanesque and Medieval statues, frescoes, jewelries and sculptures at the Castelvecchio Museum. Medieval weapons and Veronese paintings that date from 18th century are also displayed.

Address: Corso Castelvecchio 2, Verona, Italy.
Tel: 045 59 37 54
Cost of Entry: €3.10
Opening Hours: 9:00 am – 6:30 pm Tuesday - Sundays.

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