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Explore Verona: Scaliger tombs

The Arch of Scaliger is located in front of the Romanesque stylish Church of Santa Monica Antica. This arch dates back to the 14th century and it was restored twice, in 1786 and 1839. Although, it was built to be a church it became in a Sepulcher by Scala family. At the entrance of Santa Monica church the statue of Congrande I, known as the “Big Dog”, (1329), is found; this tomb is supported by four dogs. There are magnificent Mausoleums such as the Sepulcre of Masino I ("Mastiff"; d.1277), Masino II (d.1351) and Casignorio ("Top Dog"; d.1375). Considered as the most distinguished gothic monuments in Verona, the Arch of Scaligeri was made by many sculptors. The sarcophaguses are piled up on pillars and most of them are decorated with the emblem of the Scala family “Scaligers”, ancient colors and evangelistic motifs.

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