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Sant'Anastasia, San Pietro Martire and the duomo

The most important monument of Verona is definitely Sant’Anstasia church, its construction started in 1290 and finished approximately a century later; it was rebuilt over an old construction dedicated to Saint Anastasia and became the private chapel of the Scala family. This church is noted by its gothic, religious style, five polygonal apses, frescoes and marble panels that date back from Renaissance times. The entire church is made in brickwork and the façade is unfinished. The Dominicans founded this church in 1290, but the name of the architect who made this church is still unknown. Statues of Saint Chiara, Saint Anastasia and Christ’s life are inside Sant’Anastasia church.

The floor of the church is made of marble by Pietro da Porlezza c.1462; there is a high arch to the right of the altar. Today the fresco of "Saint George leaving to save the princess from the dragon" is in the Giusti Chapel but in the past it was in Sant'Anastasia church. The interior of the church was painted by Pisanello who highlighted the international gothic style of Verona; there are many monuments that you should see such as the Cortesia Serego's large tomb that dates back from the 15th century, masterworks from the 16th century and the Annunciation by Michael Giambono. It’s open: 7:25a-6:30p Monday-Sunday Services: 7:25a, 6:30p Monday-Friday, 6:30p Saturday, 9a, 11a, 12:10p, 6:30p Sunday.

There is an attention-getting tomb on the right-hand side of Sant’Anastasia and on the left-hand side there is San Pietro Martire, It is open: Tues-Sat 10am-12.30pm & 4-7.30pm. The Duomo, an ancient Italian church, has many frescoes, marble walls and big columns with gothic style capitals. But the most important feature is the Virgin's Assumption painted by Corregio.

The Duomo is open: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 1.30-6pm. the Duomo church has a rich Romanesque and Medieval architectural style; Cappella Mazzanti and Assumption by Titian are the most famous chapels. Jonah and the whale story, Roland statues and beautiful chapels can be appreciated in the Diomo interior. It was consecrated on September 13, 1187, but then it was reconstructed in 1120 with white-and-rose marble and colored tiles. Inside the Duomo a Gothic atmosphere prevails at the top parts and a Romanesque atmosphere at the bottom parts. If you travel around Italy, you should visit these churches.

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