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San Zeno Maggiore

The basilica Di San Zeno is a religious building located in the North of Italy. This basilica was constructed in honor of Saint Zeno, the patron of the city and has a Romanesque architectural style. San Zeno or Zenona da Verona is the saint of fishermen, anglers and newborn babies. The basilica Di San Zeno is very famous because it’s where Romeo and Juliet supposedly got married. Historians don’t know when it was exactly constructed but probably it happened in the 4th century. In spite of this uncertainty this basilica is very revered and appreciated by Veronese locals and tourists.

Even though the basilica Di San Zeno is outside the city, you can reach it on foot. You will be impressed when you see the external façade of the basilica, which is divided into three vertical components by two pilasters, the material of the façade is tuff. The triangular sediment and the imposing lions made of marble among other structures are the main features of this basilica. There are also two bas-reliefs, made by Niccolo in the 12th century, on both sides of the door, which was made of 48 panels of bronze.

Address: Piazza San Zeno, Verona, Italy
Tel: 045 800 61 20
Cost of Entry: €3
Opening Hours:
From 8:30 am until 6:00 pm Mondays -Saturdays,
From 1:00 pm. until 6:00 pm Sundays.

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