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Venice Travel Guide

Transports in Venice

If you want to check out the whole Venice, firstly you have to buy a good map and decide between walking or going by boat. If you choose to get around the city by boat you can get a Vaporetto, Gondola or Traghetto but if you decide to walk you’ll enjoy it very much because the streets are short and walking around the city is fantastic. Even if you decide to get around on foot, you’ll have to use a boat occasionally, let´s say: to cross the Grand Canal.

Venice Travel Guide
Venice Travel Guide

Venice Travel Guide
Venice Travel Guide

Vaporetto is like an aquatic bus and is the typical public way to get around Venice and to go to others islands. The traghetto is a boat like a Gondola especially for the tourist and it is one of the cheapest ways to get around Venice, it transports many people; it is used by Venetians to cross the Grand Canal.

Although nowadays the Gondola is out of use, there are people who still provide that service. Gondolas are used to go the whole Grand Canal but this service is really expensive because Gondoliers charge a lot of money. This is a fantastic experience if you can afford it.

Waterbuses Traghetti
They are a great and unique way to get around Venice; find here some useful information about it.
In the past the traghetti were Gondolas used by owners to get luxurious seats and decoration.
Gondolas Taxis
Gondolas are part of Venice tradition, and they are not used for public transportation.
Taxis are the fastest way to get around Venice, the city also has water taxis but those are more expensive.

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