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Venice Transport: Waterbuses

In Venice the public transportation is really efficient. It is managed by an organization that has water boats and land vehicles. Vaporetto, Battello and Motoscafi are the most usual transportation; most of them have seats inside and outside, if you can go at front of or at back a Vaporetto, it’ll be the most exiting experience.

You can take Vaporetto route 1 because it goes from Piazzale Roma to San Marcos square and stops 13 times between them but some routes tend to change constantly, according to the transportation needs of the city. Vaporetto is a good option because you can visit the entire city through this service.

Vaporetto offers a good service but their prices are quite high and some people complain about that, you have to pay € 6.5 for a small trip; however, people who complain about it don’t know that maintaining a line of water transportation as “Varetto” is actually really expensive and it will be cheaper if you use some cards for public transport.

For example you can get a Venice Card, which can be used unlimitedly for public transportation during its lifetime and includes other benefits. This card has two presentations: the Venice Card Blue and the Venice Card Orange. If you plan to stay for a long time you can get the Cartavenezia card, which was originally created for residents and students but now is for tourist too. Cartavenezia card offers discounts on public transportation for 3 years. ACTV travel card is the most economical solution to travel in Venice. This card can be used for water services, for example: Vaporetto, Battello but it is not used for Clodia, Fusina, Alilaguna and line 3 and land within the Municipality of Venice (in Lido Mestre). ACTV travel card offer unlimited travel during its lifetime.

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