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Venice Transport: Traghetti

Although the best way to get around Venice is by walking, sometimes you have to use a water bus. In Venice there are a few footbridges that can be used to cross the Grand Canal but sometimes when you have to cross you cannot find one near. Traghetto, in plural is Traghetti, and it solves this situation because you can simply use this water bus, which works as a ferry, to transport people from one side to another.

Traghetti in the past were Gondolas used by owners to get luxurious seats and decoration. A Traghetto needs two oarsmen to be sailed, one of them has to stand behind the passengers like a traditional gondolier and the other one close to the first. Most of these water buses are sailed by entire families for generations. The main difference between a Gondola and a Traghetto is that the first one is used to go to the whole Grand Canal and the second one is used to cross backwards and forwards. Other important difference is that a Traghetto is cheaper than a Gondola.

Nowadays, there are seven routs for Traghetti:
  1. San Samuele - Ca' Rezzónico
  2. Fondamenta Santa Lucia (in front of the train station) - Fondamente San Simeón Piccolo
  3. Santa Sofia - Pescaria (fish market)
  4. Riva del Carbón - Fondamente del Vin
  5. San Marcuola - Fóndaco dei Turchi
  6. Campo del Traghetto - Calle lanza (near the Basílica de Santa María della Salute)
  7. Sant' Angelo - San Tomá

Some of Traghetti stops are hidden, but it’s not a problem if you have a good map while you are walking along the Grand Canal or if you find yellow signs pointing towards the Traghetto landings.

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