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Venice Transport: Taxis

If you love luxurious trips then Taxis are for you. One of the best ways to get around a city is by taxi and Venice is not an exception. Taxis are the most comfortable, fast and expensive services. If you want to compare: a taxi in Venice is like a luxurious limousine from another city. A taxi ride is always an incredible experience; many tourists use this transport to go from a place to another and to celebrate important events like weddings and anniversaries.

Some people use Taxis to move from Marco Polo airport to the city centre. Yachts are fast, comfortable, spacious and luxurious and they are used as Taxis in Venice. These vehicles can transport up to ten passenger including luggage and the best of it all is that taxis will drop you wherever you want.

There are three ways to get a taxi, firstly at Piazzetta, which is in front of the airport. Secondly you can hail one in movement, and finally you can call one but if you choose this option, you will have pay extra money.

Nowadays, going from Marco Polo airport to a hotel in the city center costs about 100, to get from the airport to the city centre takes about 30 minutes; obviously, if your hotel is not in the main square the cost raises between 20 and 30. These prices are an approximate and you should agree on the fair before using this service.

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