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Shopping in Venice: Prints, Postcards, Paper And Stationery

Venice is maybe one of the most visited cities in Italy so it is the perfect place where one can find many kinds of souvenirs such as prints, postcards, paper, etc. The masks are some of the most important souvenirs that one must buy principally in Venice festival, but there are other kinds of artworks such as paintings and sculptures, and there are many shops where you can buy them.

If one wants to buy books, the best bookshop is Goldoni located in Calle dei Fabbri but if one wants art books, the best book is Fantoni; jewelry is another attraction of Venice and the best jewelry shops in Venice are Missiaglia y Nardi. Masks, costumes and puppets are other important attractions in Venice; one can find all kinds of these objects in the entire island, one can buy costumes and masks in Arigliano Maschere, and Leon D’Oro is the best place to buy puppets.

Some of the main shops where one can buy souvenirs:
  • Paolo Olbia: It is located in Calle Della Mandola 3653. It is a famous shop in Venice; its founder is one of the most representative artists in Venice because he is the responsible for the revival of paper marbling.

  • Alberto Valese: It is located in Calle Del Teatro 1920 a great shop where you will find many kinds of beautiful ornaments such as silk scarves; but the principal attractions in this shop are their luscious artworks made of marbled materials, this shop is a place that one must definitely visit.

  • Legatoria Piazzesi: It is located near Campiello della Feltrina 2511, San Marco. This shop offers beautiful works such as hand-printed papers and cards, and a nice line in pocket diaries; the main works are made in wood, one can also find puppets, masks and costumes.

  • Polliero: This shop is located in Campo dei Frari 2995; in the district of San Polo. The shop sells patterned paper, handmade books and other beautiful artworks.

  • Linda Gonzalez: It is located in the corner of Campiello San Fantin and Calle Fruttarol; there are handmade notebooks and albums.

  • IL Pavone: It is located in Salizada San Samuele 3287, near the center of Pisa, this shop is specialized in wood works, and one will find handmade books and a variety of personalized rubber stamps.

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