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Shopping in Venice Miscellaneous

You can find all kinds of small handicrafts in tapestry, wood and various materials at Toti Campizi in Calle Marcello. You can find wooden objects like jigsaws, musical instruments, and palace facades in Campo S. Barnaba by Signor Blum. If you want other wooden creations that are peculiar, you can find them in the workshops of Livio de Marchi and Loris Murazzi. You can find a lot of shoes and a gigantic bundle of wooden paintbrushes.

Shopping Venice Miscellaneous Many souvenirs lovers could spend a full day around the main tourist traps, such as the Lista di Spagna looking for plastic gondolas, blurred photos, illuminated plastic frames, gondola cigarette-lighters, etc.

If you want a wine selection from Veneto and across Italy with decent prices, you can visit the Bottiglieria Colonna with wines in a pack of six and also liqueurs from all around the world. You can also visit the cantina called Nave de Oro where people bring empty bottles to be filled with a variety of Veneto table wine.

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