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Shopping in Venice: Venetian Masks

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities, of course it has many traditions, one of the most important ones are the masks; the inhabitants of Venice wore different kinds of masks in all festivals that took place in Venice, people say that the masks represent characters from the Commedia dell'Arte (Pierrot, Harlequin, Columbine).

Masks are typical of Venice so they are on sale all year round, but used only for ten days during the festival of Venice; most of them are handmade by Venetian artists, these kinds of masks are more expensive than others that are made by different companies.

If you want to buy a handmade mask, the main shops where to find them are:

Tragicomica: It is located in Calle dei Nomboli 2800; this is a beautiful mask shop inspired in the 18th century, and some of the most brilliant artists of Venice work in this shop.

Bottega dei Mascareri: It is located in Calle Del Cristo 2919, this shop belongs to Sergio and Massimo Boldrin, they are brothers and great artists, in this shop one can find beautiful masks that are inspirited in Tiepolo and Donald Sutherland paintings.

MondoNovo: It is located in Canal Terrà Río 3063 near Campo Santa Margherita, in this shop one can find amazing handmade artworks inspired in many parts of the history of Venice.

Ca 'Macana: It is located in Calle delle Botteghe 3172, this is the most important shop in Venice, and one can find beautiful masks that are handmade and other kinds of artistic works such as paintings and sculptures.

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