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Shopping in Venice: Glasses

Venice is a paradise for all people who want to buy souvenirs such as masks, costumes, puppets and glass objects but the city is not the only place where one will find fashion glasses and jewelries. Murano is the main island where masters of glassblowing make beautiful artworks; many glassworks in Venice and Murano include diverse types of objects such as animals, plates, sculptures, etc.

Some places where one will find glass objects:

L'Isola: This shop is located in Salizzada modernist Venetian glass artists works here: young inspiration is the main ingredient to make glassworks.

Barovier: It is located in Salizzada San Samuele 3216; the Art gallery has agreements in work with glass blowers from all over the world.

Barovier&Tosio: It is located in Fondamenta Vetrai 28. It is a different shop because it is a family-run firm that started in the fourteenth century.

DomusVetrid'Arte: One will find it in Fondamenta Vetrai 82. Artists such as Barbini, LinoTagliapietra, ErcoleMoretti and Carlo Moretti work in this shop so it is considered one of the most important shops in Venice.

Venini: It is located in Piazzettadei Leoncini 314, with beautiful and traditional works; it is one of the most visited places in Venice.

PensoDavide: It is located in Fondamenta; it is a luxury shop where one will find beautiful artworks that only wealthy people can afford.

Seguso: It is located in San Marco Frezzeria 1230-6, this is for people who like the traditional Venetian work and one can find other artworks such as masks and sculptures.

Berengo: Fine Arts, it is located in Salizzada San Samuele 3337. Many foreign artists work here and make glasses with different countries styles.

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