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Shopping in Venice: Books

Mercerie is the most famous shopping street in Venice where you can find many things such as designer clothing, glass products, shoes, books, linen and bags.

Below a list of some bookshops you could visit:

Goldini: It is the most important bookshop in Venice; it sells maps and posters too. This bookstore is located in CalledeiFabbri 4742, San Marco.

FilippiEditoreVenezia: This bookshop includes two shops of facsimiles of antique books and history of Venice. One of them is located in Casellerie 5284 and the other one is located in Calle Del Paradiso 5762, both in Castello.

Fantoni: This shop specializes in expensive art books. It is located in Salizzada San Luca 4121, San Marcos.

Alberto Bertoni: This shop sells secondhand art books and they give you a discount on your purchases. It is located in Rio Terra degliAssassini 3637/b, San Marco.

San Giorgio: This is a small shop, but it has all kinds of books. It is located in CalleLarga XXII Marzo 2087, San Marco.

Sansovino: This shop sells art books such a Fantoni, but it is the second one for art books. It is located in BacinoOrseolo 84, San Marco.

Ca' Foscarina: This shop sells non-Italian books too. It is located in CampielloSquellini 3243, Dorsoduro, near the university.

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