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Shopping in Venice: Art Materials

Venice is a city where one can see art in the entire city; there are many kinds of shops where one can find different artworks such as masks, costumes, paintings, sculptures, and others. Venice is also known by the famous glasses production, some of the best artists live there.

The production of glasses started in the 7th century and it is currently one of the most important activities in Venice.

Another important activity in Venice is the production of masks, Venetians use masks principally during the festival, in the past, these were made of plaster but now they are made of golden and silver threats.

Some shops where you can find some of art materials:

  • Testolino located in FondamentaOrseolo,is Maybe, the main shop to buy art materials
  • Seguso is located near of the CalledeiFabbri
  • San Polo Located in Crosera S. Pantalon 3954
  • Dorsodurolocated in Campo S. Margherita 2928

Venice Travel Guide
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Venice Travel Guide
Venice Art
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