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Schools in Italy

Are you interested in pursuing a career in Italy? Then you must know that this beautiful and historical country has high-quality universities and institutes in its cities, where you can receive a good education in the field you like the most. Here, we want to provide you with information about some careers such as law, business and art offered by excellent schools in Italy. †Look that these three careers are just few of the wide-range you can pursue in the universities of Italy.

Law schools

Law schools in Italy Have you decided to be a professional in law? If so, you know that studying at a law school is one of the steps you need to take. Universitiesí law schools in Italy offer quality programs regarding law subjects. They include in their teaching staff well-prepared and professionals teachers. After finishing a degree in Law, graduates have an adequate knowledge of law, writing and communication skills, needed knowledge in computing and new technologies. These law schools also provide instruction in order students get skills to analyze, evaluate and interpret legal questions.†The following is one of the universities which an excellent law school in Italy.

University of Bologna
This university was founded in 1088. It is located in Bologna, Italy. It has 23 faculties, among which law school is one of them.
The international dimension along with the strong research activities in classes make of the law studies in this university, peculiar and of a well known tradition. The studies here, actually provide an effective response to the current demand of the higher education system in Europe.

International Students Desk.
Address: Via Zamboni, 25 - 40126 Bologna - Italy
Phone: +39 051 2099507

Business schools

Business schools If your passion is business, then let us to tell you that after your college degree, you must be prepared to face problems and get solutions for this changing economic environment of today. Business schools have improved in order to be competitive in preparing students for this changing economic world, so they are focused in internationalization. Business involves studies in accounting, finance, marketing, and others fields. The following is one of the best business school in Italy.

SDA Bocconi school of management†
It is one of the best business schools in Europe. It has high standards programs which are conducted by teachers with international backgrounds, which give to students the highest quality education. Some of the areas of its competency are the following:
  • Accounting
  • Information systems management
  • Marketing
  • Organization and human resources management
  • Strategic and entrepreneurial management

Address: Via Bocconi, 8 -†20136 Milano - Italy
Phone:†02 5836.6605-6606

Art schools

Art schools in Italy While other people want to get a degree in careers such as law or business, there are others, who look for obtaining a degree in arts. Those people who own skills or like fields included in art and sciences, creative arts, etc, can get valuable knowledge enrolling in art schools. Art schools involve the teaching of a variety of fields such as history, literature, sociology, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, fashion design, music, writing, among others. Italy offers an excellent training for people who like one of these fields. Here is one of the best art schools in this awesome country:

Lorenzo de Medici Art School (LdM)
It offers international education. It has campuses in Florence, Rome, and Tuscania. Its four main academic areas are: Creative arts, arts and sciences, design, arts and sciences, and Italian language learning. It offers also summer classes as well as a bachelor degree of Arts.

LdM Admissions Office
Address:†Via Faenza, 43, 50123 Florence - Italy
Phone: +39 055283142
There are many universities' schools in Italy where future professionals can get the needed knowledge and skills. If you are interested in studying in Italy, we hope you find the right university and be an excellent professional.

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