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Nightlife in Rome

The nights in Rome are unforgettable because they begin in the early afternoon and ends late in the morning. Rome has a great variety of museums but there are more night clubs, cinemas, bars and all that one can imagine to have fun but gambling is prohibited in Rome so there arenít any casinos. Rome is better at night, lights make one feel new sensations, to walk around Rome is very romantic, and some monuments seem to take life.

The most popular bars are the Irish bars; most bars are located in Ostiense and Testaccio, the first one has places called ristodiscos, which are discos where you can eat something with your drink. Romans prefer to drink exotic drinks, so we suggest you to ask for one of these peculiar drinks.

The center of Rome is usually crowed at night, everybody wants to have fun. It could be the perfect spot to make friends from different countries so, go to Piazza di Campo di Fiori where many foreign people gather. Romans are very friendly too.

House music is preferred by most discos, but, still, there are discos where rock, reggae, punk and different types of music are played. If one loves jazz music, Alexanderplatz is your option; it is near the Vatican.

If you decide to travel to Rome in summer, parties will be great. Many night clubs organize special summer programs. Some recommended Rome bars:

  • Bar del Fico: Is the Best bar in the center of Rome, it has the best cocktails around Rome.
  • Jonathan's Angels: The Best place to drink beer, it has the most varied selection of beers.
  • Goa: This disco plays electronic music.
  • Ristotheatre: One can find live concerts.
  • Big Mama: A good and romantic place, if you like blues music.

This is the enough information to find the best place for fun in Rome. If you need more information you can check online information about nightlife in Rome.

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