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The History of Rome

According to the official Roman History there are two theories about the founding of Rome, these are the Greek version and the Roman version.

Greek Mythology

There are many Greek theories about the origin of Rome, but many of them are only a variation of one tradition, most of these stories tell us about the Trojan War as a starting point of the origin of Rome, when the Trojan War was finishing Hector, king of Trojan, said to Eneas who was the mortal son of Anquises and the goddess Aphrodite, who is Venus in the roman mythology, to escape from Greeks order to institute the new Trojan which would be, in the future, Rome.

Roman Mythology

According to roman legend, the city of Rome was founded by twin brothers descended from Eneas, Romulus and Remus. They were sons of Rea Silvia and the god Mars. They were abandoned in their infancy, and then they were rescued and raised by a wolf. When they grew up, they decided to found a city where they were found by the wolf. Both of them wanted to be kings, so that Romulus divided the new city in two parts, he warned that anyone who would dare to cross the line which he drew, would die by his hand, Remus mocked and decided to cross the line, so that Romulus killed Remus, He affirmed that a similar fate would befall anyone who tried to cross their boundaries.

Rome History Republic Rome History Empire Rome History The Christian era
The Roman Republic
The old Rome since its origins until the time of Emperors.
The Roman Empire
The time of the most famous emperors like Cesar Augustus.
The Christian era
This era begins with the first catholicon emperor Constantine.
Rome History The Renaissance and Counter-Reformation The eighteenth century to World War II Rome History Modern Times
The Renaissance and Counter-Reformation
The most representative painters were born on this era.
The eighteenth century to World War II
The second world made of Rome one of the strongest cities around the world.
Modern times
The Rome of nowadays.

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