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Rome Travel Guide

Getting to Rome

It is true that all roads lead to Rome and so one can get to Rome by the following means of transport:

Rome By train:

The Italian railway company, Ferrovie dello Stato, stretches across the peninsula through 16,000 kilometers of roads. Many of the main cities of Europe are connected by train to Italy; the train is the best way to get to Rome, besides the main trains station Stazione Termini is located in the center of Rome.

Rome By plane:

Rome has two airports which are the international airport of Leonardo da Vinci which is known as Fiumicino, and the airport of Gian Battista Pastine which is known as Ciampino. Fiumicino has many domestic and international flights so that there are many flight companies which offer competitive prices to get to your destination.

Rome By car:

Rome has an excellent road network, but itís little advisable because access to the center of Rome is limited to residents only so one has to park outside. If one is a tourist, one will have to get a special document called libretto di circolazione in order to drive around Rome.

Rome by Bus:

There are many bus lines which cross Rome, itís the cheapest way to get to Rome, and most of the main cities of Italy have a special bus line. One can take a bus in order to visit many of the most famous monuments.

Rome by Ship:

If you prefer to visit Rome by ship, you need to know that this is the most expensive way to travel. The ports of Lazio, which is the region where Rome is located, are well-equipped; the main port of Rome is Civitavecchia.

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