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Rome Travel Guide

Getting Around Rome, Rome is excellent place to visit, with sites of interest and with a rich history.

Driving around Rome can be difficult, because finding where to park a car is a difficult task. The center of Rome is definitely one of the best places so see by walking or bike. One doesnít have to walk long distance between monuments, on the order hand, walking by Rome could be uncomfortable when there are many tourists who want to see all at the same time.

Itís useful to know the ways to get around Rome and so the following list can give us some ideas on how to make our visit to Rome a great experience.

By Bus:

The bus lines of Rome are reliable and cheap so they are crowded; they are the easiest way to get around Rome. Some bus lines have a tourism guide who will provide information about the sites where the bus passes, but they are a little expensive. One can get a map in order to know the route of each bus line; it will help us choose the best routes, because not all bus lines go by important sites.

By Metro:

Currently, Rome has two metro lines, which cross Termini station. The first line which is known as red line runs northwest and southeast, this metro line runs through the Vatican City so that one can take advantage to visit this city. The second metro line which is known as blue line runs southwest and northeast, the red line runs near the Roman Coliseum which is the most important Roman building.

By taxi:

Other way to get around Rome is by taxi. In Rome there are many companies of taxies but they are very expensive, on the other hand, getting around Rome by taxi is the best way, because one has enough time to visit each place, one doesnít have a strict schedule to be in every place like when one runs through Rome by bus or metro.

On foot:

One can always visit Rome on foot, one can walk around Rome alone or accompanied. If one walks around the center of the city, one will find some special places like traditional coffee shops, Italian restaurants where one can find Italian and international food. This option could be the best; one will be able to hire a person who knows Rome like the back of their hand.

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