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Eating and Drinking in Rome

Eating in Rome

The traditional food of Rome is pasta, as in the rest of Italy. But where can one try good dishes? This is a good question; Rome has more than 100 restaurants so itís difficult to make a decision, but there are many factors which can help us take the best decision like how much money one has, where and what one want to eat.

The most expensive restaurants are located in the center of Rome, one can thinks that they are the best, this could be because they offer a panoramic view to the main monuments, so many of the most important restaurants are located here. If you want to have an inexpensive meal Termini is a good option, around Termini are small but comfortable restaurants where one can find Italian and international food. Itís not advisable to eat near Vatican City because the food is expensive and the quality is low, on the other hand, one can find good coffee shops.

If you want fast food, McDonaldís, Burger Kingīs and Spizzico are available in town; the latter is an international franchise of Italian fast food.

In most restaurants one has to share the table with others because all Italian restaurants are crowded.

Drinking in Rome

Wine is definitive the best option for drinking, Italian wine is one of the best in Europe. But where one can go to drink wine? In Italy there are many interesting places such as the neighborhood of Testaccio which is a great place where to drink a glass of wine. If one is looking for a place where to relax and have an inexpensive drink: St. Lorenzo is the place to go, itís located near the University. Treveste has many small but friendly bars. Other option to find a good bottle of wine could be a trattorŪa or a restaurant because they have the largest menu with different types of wines in Italy, but one has to consider that this option is the most expensive one.

One can also get a good cup of coffee around the center of Rome, the most expensive coffee shop are outdoors because they offer and excellent view and service. One canīt leave Rome without drinking a cappuccino; near Plaza Navona one can find many places where drink one.

Donít forget to drink lots of water because itís healthy, one can get a bottle of mineral water anywhere, it isnít expensive.

Something interesting is that Romans consider coffee more important than wine, they cannot live without drinking at least one cup of coffee a day, can you imagine?

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