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Rome photos

This section shows us the most wonderful photos of Rome. Itís impossible to capture the beauty of Rome in a photo; but, on the other hand, if one gets to see many photos about Rome, one can understand why it is one of the most important cities in Italy and Europe since the Roman Empire. Many people say Rome is beautiful, wonderful, magical, etc. one doesnít have enough words to describe this city.

Many artists tried to find the essence of Rome in order to find inspiration but they failed. One can take all the time in the world to discover why it is very magical, but it wonít be enough. Rome has many beautiful sites, so many movie directors use places like Fontana di Trevi, Roman Forum and others stages.

The movie where all of Rome can be appreciated is ďAngels & DemonsĒ. This film tells how the Illuminati conspired to destroy the Roman church, itís a great movie because one can learn something more about Italy history; Tom Hanks acted in this movie.

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