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Rome's puppet theatres For Kids

Some of the main attractions for kids are puppets. Since Old Rome, children have had fun with a puppet theater.

Nowadays, there are many shows in the streets where artists use puppets to make people laugh. The main theaters for puppets are Pulcinella Theater (Gianicolo) which is located near Garibaldi monument and Mongiovino, which is located in Giovanni Genocchi. They offer shows every weekend.

Rome puppet theatres These shows depict many of the most important pieces of Roman History or mythological tales such as the legend of Hercules. The puppets they use are made of wood. If one is worried about the language in order to understand the artists, one will find shows in both, English and Italian.

If one loves puppets, one can visit the museum of puppets in Palermo because it has the greatest collection of puppets, Sicilia is another interesting option.

Itís the perfect option to have fun, you wonít regret it!

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