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Modern times in Rome

When World War II finished, Rome was immersed in a big economic crisis, but Rome managed to overcome it. Currently, Rome is the capital of Italy, within its territory the Vatican, which is the main headquarter of Catholically Church, is located; its population is the highest in Italy, its economy is based on tourism, different kinds of industries and the fashion industry.

Today, one can see the perfect combination of the old and modern Rome through its streets. Rome is the center of the Italian rail system and it is the center of the road system too, so one can say that all roads lead to Rome. There are seven hills around Rome; one of them called Capitolio, which was headquarters of the Roman Empire. Roma is not a cultural center only. In Rome there are some of the most important centers for arts such as dance, artistic dance and theater.

To walk by Rome is like walking in a museum so in 2000, year of the Jubilee, many tourists went to Rome because they believe Rome to be a sacred city. Around Rome there are more than 150 museums with different thematic. There are many coffee shops, Italian restaurants, shopping centers, parks as well as houses of fashion like Versace and basically all that means fun.

One of the most important weeks of the year is the fashion Roman week, where people who are related to the fashion business come to Rome in order to participate with new creations that may be at the height of fashion. This event in Rome is very important because the most important fashion industries around the world invest money in the Roman fabric industry so that many Romans could have a good remunerated job.

In spite of Romans attached to their traditions, they don’t forget today´s world, Romans discovered the way to live according the new changes in the world, but they never forget that they were the owners of the world when Old Rome.

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