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The Roman Empire

After Julius Caesar died, the roman senate wanted to recover the political and military power. The old Roman Republic represented by Brutus and the new Empire represented by Marco Antonio came into a civil war. In order to finish the civil war, the Senate appointed Octavio as the new consul, but Octavio wanted more power and he decided to ally with Marco Antonio to take Rome. They didn’t share the same ideas and so they began a new civil war.

Marco Antonio lost the civil war against Octavio. The Senate pressured by Octavio gave him new powers, so he had enough power to be King but he decided to be emperor of Rome instead with a new name which was Octavio Augusto.

In 23 BC, the new Octavio's Empire was extended throughout the Roman territory. Octavio was the owner of Rome State so he continued the expansion plan of Rome and of its improvement. In the 2 BC, the Roman Senate named Octovio as páter patriae in order to be considered a god. Since Octavio took the roman power, the title of roman emperor became hereditary.

There were groups of exclusive people called dynasties; these dynasties were popular because they were considered the emperor's closest friends. There were dynasties like Julius-Claudius, the Flavius, the Antonius and the Severus. This period of time between 5 BC and 235 AC was the best era of the Roman Empire.

The continuing struggle for the Roman imperial power brought to a period of anarchy in which four emperors wanted to be recognized.

The advent of Christianity made the Roman Emperor have more troubles because they could not recognize Christianity as a religion, but this religion became a great politician power so, in 313 AC, Constantine decided to turn into Christianity. In 380 AC. Christianity became the official religion of the Empire. At the same time other wars in order to take over power made the Roman Empire begin its end.

The Germans started to invade part of Rome so Rome came in the highest crisis that it had ever faced. The empire was divided into two parts, one of which had Constantinople as capital so the era of the Roman Empire finished.

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