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Restaurants for gays and lesbians

Italian cuisine is worldwide famous for its exquisite ingredients and tasty flavor. Extraordinary dishes such as pizza, lasagna, risotto alla Milanese plus many other are sometimes the perfect excuse to visit the different cities around the country. In addition, Rome as an Italian capital has many good restaurants where you can try those magnificent flavors in the italian cuisine.

  • Ristorante asinocoto
    Recognized Italian restaurant according to the New York Times and the BBC of London, this restaurant has the best collection of wines and extraordinary Italian cuisine, it is located in via dei Vascellari 48-Trastevere. The restaurant opens from Monday to Friday at 12:00 pm for lunch and from Tuesday to Sunday at 7:30 pm.

  • Baronato Quattro Bellezze
    Situated in Via di Panico 23, this restaurant is very singular because the owner is a Tunisian drag named Dominot who performs Piaf every Thursday evening. All the restaurant decoration is a remembrance of his career as a Drag. The restaurant opens every day from 8:00 pm until 2:00 am.

  • La Focaccia Ristorante
    This restaurant is special because the design is a rustic and elegant combination. La Focaccia Ristorante served variety and peculiar dishes realized by a chef expert team. In addition all the waiter personnel speak three languages such as German, English and French. You can find this pleasant place to “mangiare” in via della Pace 1.

  • Le sorellastre
    Considered as a lesbian restaurant in Rome, many male clients go to the place. Its international cuisine is the favorite attraction. This restaurant is located in via San Francisco dj Sales 1b, it opens at weekends from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am.

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