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Best of Rome

Itís difficult to decide where to go in Italy because of its many sites such as museums, monuments, restaurants, night clubs and bars, so one can check the following list in order to make a decision.

  • Colosseum

    One definitively has to visit this monument because if one hadnīt visited the Colosseum, one wouldnít really have been to Italy or Rome. This spectacular monument was built in 72 AD, its purpose was to shelter warriors called gladiators; it was sometimes a theater, where most of mythological tales were represented; but the main purpose was to serve as a battle simulation center. Currently, the Colosseum is one of the wonder of the modern world just like Machupicchu (Perķ) or the Taj Mahal (India). It also depicts how wonderful and powerful the Roman Empire was.

  • The Vatican Museums

    This collection of museums, owned by the Catholic Church, is located around The Vatican. One can find different kinds of thematic museums and the most representative art works of Raphael are located here; this brilliant artist was given a complete area called The Raphael Stanze for his masterpieces to be displayed. The Sistine Chapel where one can find the works of Miguel Angelo is there too. The entrance to these sites isnít expensive specially when considering that one would find some of the richest cultural display in the world.

  • St. Peter's Basilica

    This is probably the best site where to go in Rome. Raphael, Miguel Angelo and Bernini helped build it. A curious thing is that one can find all apostles of Christ except St. Peter in the church because many believed that St. Peterís tomb is there so when a Pope dies his mortal remains are placed in this BasŪlica.

  • Fontana di Trevi

    This baroque-style fountain is the most popular monument among tourists as it was used as stage for many movies. One can throw a coin into the fountain in order to make a wish; itís very funny. Pantheon: It may sound scary, but the Pantheon is one of the best sites in Rome because itís one of the oldest buildings in Italy. It was built at the beginning of the Roman Empire. It represents the old belief of the existence of mythological gods.

  • Piazza Navona

    Itís the most elegant square in Rome. Itís located in the center of Rome; in the old Rome, it was a coliseum. One can find there the Fontana de Quattro Fiumi which was designed by Bernini.

  • The Church of Sant'Ignazio

    This church was built in 1626 in order to venerate St. Ignacioís memory. This church displays a baroque style, on its ceilings the most important artworks of Fra Andrea Pozzo (Il Gesý) were painted which depict how St. Ignacio was glorified by God There are many more sites you can visit, but these may be the best ones.

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