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Real Estate in Italy

Real estate in Italy Are you fascinated for this charming country and want to buy a property here? Then, let us know that you have taken a good decision. The Real estate in Italy includes selling and buying properties such as awesome villas with amazing views in the Tuscany region, splendid farmhouses in Sicily, modern departments in Rome and much more. Perhaps, you are thinking of moving to Italy to live, so you need to be well informed in order to get the right property for you. †Here, we intend to give you comprehensive information about this subject, so we invite you to read the information below.

Basic concepts

Real estate companies

Real estate companies†are the link between a person who wants to buy a house and the person who wants to sell it. In some cases, these companies buy a house, and remodel or fix it if it is necessary, in order to sell it again. Other of their liabilities is doing advertisement for the house for rent or sale in the proper market in order to get the proper clients. And last but not least, perhaps the most important part of the role real estate companies play is that they decide how much the house is worth and if something must be changed or must be improved.

Real estate agent

The real estate agent is the person who takes care of the selling or of the offering of a house. Here there is a lot to know too. The first thing you must know before you do business with a real estate agent is that his/her mission is just selling. Donít say that you are new in town, because the real estate agent may get advantage of it.


Mortgage†is a kind of a loan where the person who asks for the loan must set his/her real estate property as a guaranty in order to get the money. Mortgage comes in different shapes and sizes, so be careful and investigate about its advantages and disadvantages and choose the one that fits you the best.

Real estate in Italy

Currently, there are real estate agenciesí websites or others directories which inform of properties to buy or rent for the different kinds of these such as lands, apartments, villas and so on. Visiting them you can find advices for properties in the cities such as Rome, Genoa, Milan, Sicily, Tuscany,Venice, among others. We have gathered some of these useful websites:

  • This is a useful section of†a website†that lists Real Estate in Italy.†Here, you can find companies†in this beautiful country. Also, real estate agencies can add their advices in this website. If you are looking for beautiful and comfortable country houses, apartments, vacation houses, luxury apartments, penthouses, etc. to buy or rent, then this will be a useful site for you.

  • RomeHouses. It has announcements of apartments and villas to rent in Rome. They are eager to answer peopleís questions. If you are thinking to spend†vacations in Italy, then you can find an apartment or house that suits your requirements with their assistance.

  • Property-italy.immobiliare. Here, you can find residential, commercial and vacation properties for sale†or to rent. The search engine will help you to find properties according to your specifications.

  • Realpointitaly. Here, you can find detailed and comprehensive information about properties in sale in the beautiful Italy. This website is also aimed to assist you in the purchasing process, from the selection of the property to the purchasing of it.

  • Homesandvillasabroad. Here, you can find information about unique properties for sale in Italy. From a charming and modern villa in Tuscany to a rustic farmhouse in Umbria. It is a networking of estate agencies.

  • ToscanaHouses. It is a network of local real estate agencies in Tuscany and Umbria.

The aforementioned resources which are just a sample of the wide you have, can help you to find the right property. Before buying it, it is very important to know about the city or the town where it will be located, that is why you must read a lot of information of the place. We invite you to read comprehensive info about Italian cities in our guide.†

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