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Pisa is a small city in the Tuscany region of Italy, and regardless of its size Pisa is an important City in Italy, the Greek culture bequeathed to Pisa one of the richest cultures, but the renaissance was the most important age for Pisa because most of the important monuments were built then.

The leaning tower of Pisa is the main tourist attraction and it a reason to visit Pisa. As we know Italy is world-famous for its cuisine, who has not heard about Italian pasta? Pisa is famous for its cuisine as there is a wide variety of dishes such as seafood, meat, pasta, as well as vegetarian food: that is why Pisa is not only famous for its tower; the cuisine in Pisa is another tourist attraction.

Festivals are other important tourist attractions there are many festivals along the year, such as San Ranieri Historical Regatta, Palio of the Ancient Marine Republic, The International Festival of Holy Music, Pisa Vini, etc.

Duomo, Baptistery and museums Leaning Tower of Pisa Piazza dei Cavalieri and the eastern quarters
Duomo, Baptistery and museums
Pisa has great places that conserve the history of the city, such as the Duomo.
Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Pisa Tower is maybe the most important highlight in Italy.
Piazza dei Cavalieri and the eastern quarters
Both are places you should visit in your travel to Pisa.
South of the river Western quarters
South of the river
The South of the River is the perfect place to have wonderful sights of the city and some beautiful buildings.
Western quarters
Western Quarters in Pisa offer to visitors a range of places full of history and well-preserved remains from ancient times.

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