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  • San Ranieri Historical Regatta:
    It’s another beautiful attraction, it is celebrated in 17th June and it takes place along the Armo river, there are four teams that represent the four main areas of the city, they are: Santa Maria, San Martino, San Antonio y San Francisco. All the inhabitants of the town meet there to see this amazing event, at night one can see another spectacular event as the fireworks start, definitely an amazing event.

  • Palio of the Ancient Marine Republic:
    It is a competition among the most important cities in Italy in the medieval age such as Amalfi, Pisa, Génova and Venecia, the competition started in 1955, this competition takes place in Armo river and it consist of four identical boats that are sailed by eight people, only the colors difference the boats, and all the inhabitants enjoy the event along the river banks.

  • Volterra d. C. 1398:
    It is an unusual but beautiful festival in Pisa in which, for a day, downtown goes back to the medieval age, one can see people dressed with medieval clothes even the markets and all the buildings are decorated like medieval age, at night there is a party and fireworks; the festival takes place the last week of August and it is definitely a festival that you will never forget.

  • The International Festival of Holy Music:
    It is the most important festival of its kind In Italy because the most famous composers and choirs meet there and one can listen to the best of the best compositions in holy music. It takes place in the main cathedral of Pisa where tourists around the world meet.

  • Pisa Vini, last weekend of November:
    If you are a wine lover this festival is for you because it is one of the most important in Italy where one can find an exposition of the best white and red wines of Pisa and Italy; this festival takes place in the Convent of Santa Croce, but wine is not the unique attraction because one can find a cuisine exposition where one can taste the different flavors of Pisa.

  • Gioco Del Ponte:
    One of the most eye-catching events in Pisa is definitely the Gioco del Ponte festival, it has two parts: the first one is the military parade for which people are dressed up, the second one is the most important one because it depicts a battle between two legions of the town, that takes place on the Ponte di Mezzo and it is an spectacular attraction.

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