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Eating in Pisa

One of the main attractions in Pisa is definitely the typical cuisine of the city, thanks to the variety of climates, animals and plants in Pisa. From the sea to the countryside, Pisa cuisine has many of the most delicious ingredients in Italy, the cuisine is maybe one of the most important ones in Italy and this is the perfect place for someone who wants to taste the exotic and amazing food of this region of Italy.

One of the main attractions in Italy is, definitely, Italian food. When you think in Italy, Pisa comes to your mind immediately: Especially the pasta, but Italy is more than pasta as each region of Italy has its own flavors and Pisa cannot be the exception. Pisa has many traditional dishes for example wild boar with olives, lamb fricassee, rabbit, and of course pizzas, ravioli, lasagna in general all kinds of Pasta.

Here you will find some places to enjoy the authentic Pisa recipes:

  • Bruno, Via Bianchi 12 (Tel: 050.560.818).
    This is an exotic and expensive restaurant where you will find delicious dishes of Pisa; it is located near the leaning tower and it is generally closed on Mondays.

  • La Grotta, Via San Francesco 103 (Tel: 050.578.105)
    If you like an exotic restaurant with a good atmosphere and a good view of the city this is the perfect place the motto of this restaurant is "wine, bread and company" that is very popular in Pisa, it is closed on Sundays.

  • Mensa Universitaria, Via Martiri
    It is a place where most young people meet because it has a good atmosphere but that is not all: here you will find the cheapest food in the city.

  • La Mescita, Via Cavalca 2.
    Itís a small but friendly restaurant in Pisa, located in the Piazza Vettovaglie market, this restaurant is frequented by professors and students around the city; it is generally closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

  • Osteria dei Cavalieri(Phone: 050.580.858)
    Maybe one of the most luxurious restaurants in Pisa, it has delicious dishes of excellent quality and a variety of meals, one can find seafood, dishes where the main ingredient is meat, vegetarian food etc. it is quite expensive definitely is the best restaurant in Pisa.

  • Al Ristoro dei Vecchi Macelli(Phone: 050.20.424)
    Another elegant and luxurious restaurant some people says that it is the best restaurant in Pisa because of the quality of its dishes are very high and also one can find all kind of meals such as seafood, meat, vegetarian food etc. It is generally closed on Sundays and Wednesdays.

  • Il Vecchio Dado, Lungarno Pacinotti 21 (phone: 050.580.900)
    It is the best known pizzeria in the city with a good atmosphere; it is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  • Taverna Kostas, Via del Borghetto 39
    If you like Greek and Mediterranean food this is the best place to be; it offers a mix of seafood ingredients and dishes as well as dishes with meat. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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