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South of the river

Another tourist attraction in Pisa is the Ponte di Mezzo (Bridge of Mezzo), it is located in the center of the town, this bridge is 89 meters long and has a maximum height of 12.50 meters, it was designed by the architect Sergio Aussant who was born in Livorno, the construction was completed in 1946, nowadays it is a place where young people meet, especially lovers, because it is considered a romantic place from where one can see the center of the city and the river Arno. Pisa is lucky to be in an excellent location near the mountains and the sea besides many other natural attractions such as beaches and national parks, the most important one is San Rossore-Migliorino-Massaciuccoli and locations such as Viareggio, Castiglioncello and Le cinque Terre.

On the west, near the center of Pisa, there is a small and ancient church called oratory of Santa Maria della Spina with a beautiful gothic style, it was built in 1230, the name derives from an interesting story, people think that there is a thorn which was brought by a merchant and it was one of Christ's crown, which is the reason why hundreds of faithful visit the church every year.

South of the river
Ponte di Mezzo - 1
South of the river
Ponte di Mezzo - 2

South of the river
Ponte di Mezzo - 3
South of the river
Ponte di Mezzo - 4

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