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Piazza dei Cavalieri and the eastern quarters

The piazza dei cavalieri is another amazing place in Pisa, the second one after the piazza dei miracoli. It was designed by Vasari, who was a famous architect, in the XVI century, it was also known as Piazza delle 7 Vie (The square of the 7-way) because there are seven streets leading to this square. This square was transformed in 1562 when Cosme I de Medicis ordered that many buildings were built in Pisa to represent the power the city had in the XVI century, the inhabitants of Pisa used to meet in this square to celebrated their victories, the renaissance was the golden age for Pisa because their main monuments were built during this period and, amazingly, one can still get to see them.

This square has many monuments such as il Palazzo degli Anziani this monument was build from the XI century to the XIV century near it there are several towers such as the tower dei Gualandi, and huge houses. The function of this build was to host the most representatives member of the government of Pisa, other monument to visit is the statue in the middle of the square that was built in honor of Cosimo I in the XI century The huge building behind the statue is called Palazzo della Carovana it was built in the XVI century and now it is home to the Scuola Normale, Giorgio Vasari was who modernized this beautiful building in the renaissance age, it has a amazing style, typical of the age. On the right-hand side of Palazzo della Carovana there is the beautiful church of Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri where one can see flags that were conquered, Next to this latter building there is the Collegio Puteano and the little church of the Oratorio di San Rocco.

Museo Nazionale di San Matteo is another attraction in Pisa there you will find the most of artistic pieces of all ages in Pisa, especially the church of Pisa, which is located at the eastern end of the riverfront road Lungarno Mediceo (Tuesday-Saturday from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm and Sunday from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm), there are beautiful art works such as the polyptych of Simone Martini, The Croce di Fucecchio that was made by Berlinghieri Berlinghiero, The Madonna del latte, a marble statue representing the Virgin breast-feeding Jesus, made by Nino Pisano, besides these wonders there are other important paintings and statues that must be seen.

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