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Leaning Tower of Pisa

Many people visit Pisa, because they want to see the famous leaning Tower of Pisa. This monument is behind the cathedral so it is impossible to overlook this architectonical building.

The acclaimed architect Bonanno was the responsible for designing this marvelous Italian monument in 1173, and then an artist called Tommaso Andrea di Pisano finished its elaboration during the second half of the 14th century; its conclusion took a period of 177 years.

Its inclination is a wrong result calculation in the beginning of its base construction. In 1838 some working excavation in order to build a walkway was taking place so close to the tower that instead of improving the area, damage to the ground was caused, though Benito Mussolini tried to fix the damage, he failed in the attempt. Nowadays, the number of tourist allowed inside is limited, and so it is compulsory for everyone to sign up for a guided tour lasting about 3O minutes.

With 186.27 meters of height and 14,500 metric tons of weight, the Torre pendente di Pisa, is the third oldest building in Italy, the UNESCO declared the three of them human heritage sites.

Despite its inclination, the Italian Tower of Pisa is famous and one of the most attractive tourists destinations around the world.

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