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Duomo, Baptistery and museums

Italy is a cultural and architectonic country. Plenty of museums, old cathedrals, barouche churches, and magnificent monuments make this nation historical and cultural legacy of the ancient world. Nowadays Italy possesses many wonderful monuments such as the Roman Coliseum, the Pantheon and the Duomo of Pisa.

Really famous around the world for its fascinating architecture and considered as a Romanesque master piece of all the times the Duomo of Pisa is a Roman legacy, plenty of people always try to imitate it, however all the replies never surpass the original one because it has a complex and extraordinary style.

Buscheto was the first Roman architect, who shared his imagination and wisdom in the construction process in 1064 AD, and then Rainaldo had the opportunity to build the fašade.

The complex is composed by the Pisa┤s Cathedral, the Baptistery, the leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Campanile Campo Santo respectively; in addition you can find interesting museums around the place.

The cathedral has an extravaganza and sophisticated style at the same time. Mixing long rows of columns, arches, double aisles, red and white marble bands in the exterior. The construction shows wisdom and intelligence of their creators. In fact, the Duomo of Pisa is a combination of Byzantine, Islamic, trans-Alpine and Romanesque architectural influence.

When you see the baptistery as a part of the complex Duomo of Pisa, you remain speechless in front of its extraordinary design. According to History this building was created in the purest Romanesque style to baptize medieval heathenish people in Pisa around 1150 AD. Some people say that this piece of art was fashioned to resemble the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Definitely, this is so great a place that you must visit it; plan your itinerary with the purpose of including the Duomo of Pisa as one of your next destinations.

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