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Italy is an amazing country where one can find all kinds of touristic attractions such as beautiful mountains, beaches, valleys, churches, castles, etc. Italy has some of the most ancient touristic resorts in the world, which date back from the time of the Roman Empire, when destinations such as Pompeii, Naples, Ischia and Capri were popular among the richest people in Roman society.

Italy has twenty regions, each one of them has its own touristic attractions such as the leaning tower of Pisa or the Roman Coliseum; Italy is also known for its food, which is considered one of the most delicious in the world, dishes such as Pizza, Ravioli and lasagna are just some of them, Italy also has regions such as Verona, Emilia-Romagna, Sardinia, etc. where one can find delicious wines. Italian country is a mixture between the past and the present, in cities such as Venice, Sardinia and Umbria one can feel as if one were in the Renaissance Era, in other cities one can see the most developed European destinations such as Milan, Rome and Florence, Although Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world, it is not expensive to stay there because in Italy one can find a broad variety of hotels, from 1-5 stars that is the reason why everyone can go visit this wonderful country.

Saving your Italy photos

When you are visiting Italy and you want to save the memories you make, doing so is possible with the right camera and online tools for once you return home and want to begin printing or sharing your pictures. Whether you are visiting Florence, Rome or Milan, saving your photos and maintaining their quality can be done with the use of an image resizer online. Using a free image resizer will allow you to resize images without distorting the overall look of the photographs or the quality of the images themselves.

The Benefits of Using an Image Resizer

When you travel to Italy, keeping your memories saved and in the best quality can be done with the help of an online image resizer such as Using an image resizer is a way for you to instantly upload your photos to resize them in order to reduce file size without reducing the overall quality of the images.

Using a photo resizer will take the guesswork out of using graphic design and photography programs that you are not familiar with using. Photo resizers allow you to choose the size of the images you want to convert while also having the ability to control file sizes before saving and downloading the images to your own computer or hard drive. You can often upload more than one photo at a time when you are using a photo resizer online, giving you the ability to upload entire albums from your recent trip to Italy the next time you want to resize your photos to save or print them.

Create Your Own Photo Albums and Travel Guides

After visiting Italy you may be interested in creating your own travel guides or photo albums that are entirely customized and personalized to fit the memories of your trip. Using a PDF to Word converter is a way to instantly convert files you want into different formats within just a few seconds. When you use a PDF to Word converter you can instantly format files to create albums and entire guides that are easy for you to access and print within minutes.

Keeping the memories of your trip to Italy is a way for you to relive them with your friends and loved ones at any time. Using image resizers and file converters allows you to take full control of how you plan to save and store your photos for the future.


Florence is considered one of the most magnificent cities in Italy, as well as the world. Located in the heart of Tuscany, the tourist can find fields of sunflowers, miles of vineyards, rolling hills and mountaintop castles.

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A city rich in art and a major seaport, of flourishing trade and commercial exchange, Genoa is one of the most extraordinary cities in Italy. Long ignored by conventional tourist routes, Genoa offers its visitors incredible attractions and a stunning artistic heritage.

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Milan is a city that evokes extreme feelings; the city lifestyle is extreme too. A frenetic, restless rhythm is an element of work and leisure, so much so that it is difficult to stay unmoved and not get overwhelmed by the entire cultural and social stimulus.

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Naples is located between the world's most famous volcano and the deep blue sea, is beautiful and ugly in same measure. It can be an intimidating place, anarchic and occasionally law-abiding. The traffic is severe and the peace and the quiet is hard to find.

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The city's life is distinguished for tourism, cultural events, the University and renowned Fiera Campionaria, with its continuous activities throughout the year and its constantly growing pavilions, has become one of the most important economic magnets of Northern Italy.

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Palermo is the city most cosmopolitan and largest of Sicily, it has a long and eventful history. Palermo is the central city and administrative seat of the autonomous region of Sicily, Italy as well as the capital of the Province of Palermo.

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The city of Pisa is more than a the leaning tower, though its nature is colored with the students - nearly half of the city's denizens are in some way affiliated with the university.

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Rome Caput Mundi, Rome the ageless City. A different city around the world because of the absolutely opposite styles of art and life that manage to live side by side there: Imperial Rome and Baroque Rome, sophisticated Rome and working-class Rome.

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Venice is a dream that shines on the waters, a city of painted palaces and serene churches. This unique urban masterpiece has canals instead of streets, boats instead of buses, and ornate bridges instead of subways.

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The name of Verona is also known around the world because of Shakespeare's tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. The places where, harmonious to the tradition, the two young lovers lived and died are visited by thousands of tourists and lovers every year.

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