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Palermo Travel Guide

Palermo Weather

Palermo has a Mediterranean climate, its winters are mild and its summers are warm, the annual average temperature varies between 17 and 19 C on the coast and it decreases to 10 C in the most elevated areas of the island, for example on the Etna mountain the temperature is 0C.

Autumn in Palermo:
Palermo has a nice climate in autumn, the hottest months in autumn are August and September, so you have to be prepared for a hot weather at the start of autumn, the temperatures can be accompanied by some humidity, in the afternoon it will get cool and windy, that is the reason why you should wear appropriate clothing; you can enjoy the autumn climate with the festival of puppets.

Winter in Palermo:
In winter the average temperature varies between 10C and 11C in the coastal areas while in the mountains of Palermo the temperature can reach 0C. The worst months are July and August because the climate is dry and very hot; it is not recommended to visit Palermo in these months. On the other hand, May and June are the perfect months to visit Palermo; you can visit one of the biggest and funniest festivals in Palermo in winter: the annual Carnival.

Spring in Palermo:
It is maybe the most changing season, because there are cold and warm days and you can also find rainy days from October to April, so it is not recommended to visit Palermo in this season, there are many festivals in spring such as Holy week where small processions can be seen around the city.

Summer in Palermo:
This is the hottest season, for example in august the temperatures can increase to 40, this is the ideal season to enjoy the beautiful Palermo beaches and the different festivals, two of the most important ones are U Fistini Festival en Palermo and Scena di Palermo

Palermo Travel Guide
Palermo Travel Guide

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