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Palermo Travel Guide

Palermo Transport

Palermo by Bus

Palermo Bus You can travel around Palermo to different places but if you want to visit the most remote places in Palermo the easiest way to travel is by bus. Palermo possesses a public bus system known as AMAT.

There are two kinds of Autobuses the orange one travels around the local routes and the blue bus travels around the interurban roads. You can find the billets everywhere especially in AMAT kiosks located at Piazza Stazione Centrale and Ruggero Séttimo. When you buy a ticket it must be validated on the bus or upon boarding.

Sometimes there are patrols that board the buses to check the tickets that you bought and if you don’t have your ticket or possess a non-validated one you will be given a fine. The cost of each ticket is approximately 1 €.

Palermo by Train

Palermo Train The metro in Palermo is conformed for two lines called A and B, Line A consists of 14 stations and line B consists of 4 lines and there are projects to build other lines called C and D. This kind of transport is not recommended to travel in the city, but if you want to go to the airport this is the best way. You can buy the tickets at the airport and the tickets must be validated before boarding the train.

Note: There are many machines from which you can buy tickets and you can find them in booking halls, an interesting thing is that these machines accept credit cards, cash and are multilingual.

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