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Eating in Palermo

The culture and old building are not the unique characteristics that Palermo has, another principal characteristic is that Palermo has an exquisite cuisine; the fusion of many cultures that conquered Palermo has given the city its culinary diversity as well as its exquisite and especial taste that other places in the world do not account.

Pasta is the most popular meal in Italy and Palermo couldn’t be the exception, for example one of the main dishes is “pasta con le sarde” this a delicious recipe and the most luxuries restaurant offer the dish, another exquisite dish is pasta alla Norma, which is the typical dish to in Catania, but if you think that Palermo’s cuisine is only pasta you are definitely wrong, the main ingredients in Palermo’s Culinary are Fresh fishes, meats, paste, fresh vegetables etc. Some fantastic places you can visit for the best food are:

STELLA VIA ALLORO 104: One of the best places to eat seafood. At this restaurant you will find all kinds of seafood such as the delicious “Pasta and Grilled Fish”, served by this amazing restaurant.

Santandrea, Piazza Sant'Andrea (Phone: 091 334 999): If you are near Piazza San Domenico or near Vucciria market then you definitely have to visit this restaurant. There are no menus, dishes are seasonal and simply delicious.

Primavera, Piazza Bologni 4: It is a beautiful restaurant with outdoor seating. it is near the cathedral and prices are moderate.

Pizzeria Italia, Via Orologio 54: If you want to eat the best pizza in town you must visit this pizzeria, prices are moderate.

Peppino, Piazza Castelnuovo 49: Beautiful place with many different dishes, in this restaurant you will find interesting menus and delicious pizzas.

Charleston, Piazza Ungheria 30: One of the most luxurious, formal and stylish places in Palermo in this restaurant you will find the most delicious traditional dishes and all kinds of Italian food, prices are very high.

Caffé d'Oriente, Piazza Cancellieri: With a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere, this place swims in North African atmosphere you can spend a great time full of good dishes and a beautiful view.

Bellini, Piazza Bellini: This restaurant has one of the best recipes for alfresco pizzas; with outdoor tables under the shade of La Martorana church. Prices are moderate.

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