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Painting & Sculpture: The eighteenth century

The eighteenth century was famous due to the emergence of Rococo style, inspired from the Rococo style in France because of the feminine and lighted characteristics; Italy has the major development of Rococo art in Venice, Genoa and Rome.

Rococo represents a lighter style than the Baroque, using some Oriental designs, curving forms and delicate colors; the artists left away the religious subjects and were more interested in landscapes and behavior of humanity with portraits and included to their paintings erotic and a sort of impurity behavior.

Sculpture was influenced by Rococo style also; they used porcelain to make the sculptures and represented love and nature, the works were used in Tombs and ornamentation.

Francesco Guardi, Bernardo Bellotto, Canaletto, Leonardo Coccorante, Giuseppe Grisoni, were some of the most famous painters in 18th century and Rococo style, until its disappearance and the emergence of Neoclassical style.

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