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Painting & Sculpture: The late Renaissance

The late Renaissance is sometimes combined with Mannerist and the Proto Baroque style, which were developed in approximately the same Period of time.

Late renaissance witnessed many changes in Italian culture, the increase of literacy with the invention of the printer machine, and the emergence of Protestantism which damaged religious art, so artists started to emphasize in landscapes and other subjects.

Painting was, mastered by Leonardo da Vinci, the sfumato and chiaroscuro techniques that till now nobody can copy, and these techniques included the great proportions that made the painting more realistic.

The mannerist style that emerged in this period, gave other features to the art, and painting didnít use classical beauty as a model, artists used unusual colors, more than exaggerated expressions and scene further reality, artists such as Raphael, from the Renaissance, developed these techniques and gave more emotion and drama light effects to his paintings.

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