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Painting & Sculpture: The Etruscans

Etruscans culture settled in north Italy, and was formed by people who inhabited Asia, and were influenced by Greeks, Egyptians, and others.

Etruscans were great sculptors, their principal motto was to ornament temples, and Etruscan period was characterized by the statues on the top of the roof.

They used sculptures to portray humans in the funerary art.

The Etruscans were the first civilization in Italy that began with art, whence they didn’t have a sense of proportion in their works, because most of the remains found donīt have the parts of the bodies in proportion, neither in humans nor in animals.

The most-known art productions from Etruscan painting are the Frescoes which are mural paintings; most of them found in graves and, in time, they were used on walls or ceilings.

The technique used to make these painting in graves was to use the paint before the plaster dried so when both dried the paint will be part of the wall.

Some of the most famous works in Etruscan civilization are the frescoes in the Tomb of the Lioness, The Etruscan Funerary art exhibited in Le Louvre.

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