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Nightlife in Padua

Most cities that have a university have an active nightlife, and Padua is not different. If a group of people want to plan a trip for vacations or an excursion for adventure, they usually use Padua City as a base. University houses are in the city of Padua and that is why almost every disco and bar is full of young people.

Padua offers a lot of fun because of its vibrant nightlife, but if you are not interested in wild parties, you can go check the tourist information office and look for a concert of classical music, or you might want to go to the theater for an opera evening or a theatrical performance.

Last but not least, you can go to a nice restaurant and have a good meal or watch a movie in the movie theater. All this information is posted at Padua´s Tourist Office, where you can arrange your schedule to enjoy the nightlife of the exotic Padua.

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