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Padua Travel Guide

Explore Padua, Italy

Like in all Italy, Padua has a lot to offer and plenty to enjoy, there are a lot of places to go to and to learn. You should organize yourself before visiting Padua, make a list of places that you want to visit or if you want someone professional to arrange your schedule you can contact some tourism offices.

You can have access to tours like:

  • Walking tour in Padua: It is a tour through which you visit the most important places in Padua on foot; it starts in the Palazzo Capitano, which is surrounded by coffees and malls. The next place to visit is The Palazzo della Regionee, you can make a little stop to visit the Caffee Pedrocchi and then the University of Padua a place that you shouldn’t miss and for the finale the Duomo and Bastistery.

  • Giotto’s Tour: The main attractions of this tour are the best frescoes of Giotto, and you are going to find out why these frescoes are so important in Padua. You also get to visit also the University of Padua and enjoy tales in the anatomic room.

Central Squares Duomo and Baptistry Eremitani
Central Squares
They are great places to explore Padua history and culture.
Duomo and Baptistry
They are attractions that conserve sections of the history of Padua and you have to explore.
The Church of the Eremitani was reconstructed after an aerial bombing in 1944, although the disaster.
Piazza del Santo and the basilica Prato della Valle and Santa Giustina South side of the piazza
Piazza del Santo and the basilica
Find here information to explore the Piazza Del Santo, which has a imposing monument to Gattamelata.
Prato della Valle and Santa Giustina
They are important places for people residing in Padua.
South side of the piazza
It is a great place to walk around and spend time in a quiet place, you can visit the Oratiorio di San Giorgio.
To the University
To the University
The University of Padua is one of the most important universities in Europe, also one of the oldest.

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