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Naples Weather Information

Weather in Naples is Mediterranean, and most of the time has a great weather with sunny days (almost 25 days per month), due to the geographical features; Naples also has four different seasons. In general Naples has a mild climate so theres not a clearly-defined season to visit Naples.

We introduce you to a table with the temperatures in Naples through the year, month by month:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Average
Max F 58 54 55 59 64 73 79 84 88 80 72 63 57
Min F 42 39 39 43 46 54 61 64 64 59 54 46 41

Some characteristics of seasons in Naples

Spring: (March- May) is one of the most beautiful seasons to travel to the city, due to the temperatures; from 39 F to 55 F in March and 46 F to 64 F in May, the weather warms gradually as the summer comes and the presence of rainfall is evident.

Summer: (June-September) the fact most preferred by tourist is that the sea breeze is constant, to counteract the heat and rays of sunshine. Nights can be uncomfortable if you dont have air-conditioning

Autumn: (October-November) the change from summer to autumn is really pleasant because the heat reduces, but over time, the rainfall increases and the climate becomes more humid.

Winter: (December- February) although the climate doesnt change drastically, it becomes cooler than previous seasons, and rainfalls lessens. Minimum Temperatures decrease from 46F to 39F.

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