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Naples Travel Guide

City of Naples

The city of Naples is the largest city in Europe, full of squares, parks, gardens, cultural places, which show the history and culture of this wonderful city in its streets, something you can enjoy by walking.

Naples was initially a Greek colony called Parthenope until it became one of the oldest cities and now it is divided into ten districts, each one with administrative autonomy, and with a rich history due to the fascinating collection of churches, museums, and other influences left by duchies, kingdoms, and one Empire.

Tourists can enjoy of countless restaurants and bars as many of them offer extraordinary views of the city; many tourists consider Naples a great and awful destination as authors once described it, like a virgin due to its charming attraction and an odalisque due to the movement and chaos you can sometimes experience in the city.

Nowadays Naples is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, due to the importance of this place to mankind and the remarkable value of its culture and influence through time.

Naples Travel Guide
Naples Travel Guide

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