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Nightlife in Milan

Will you lose the opportunity to experience the nightlife in Milan? The cosmopolitan and fashionable Milan has a vibrant nightlife to offer, with its restaurants, discotheques, cafés, pubs and bars; it has many places that can delight you. Milan also gives you many ways to spend evenings while you are visiting this glamorous city.

You have to know that nightlife is centered in two main areas: “The Brera gallery”, on the West, and “The Navigli” area, on the South. Places such as bars and restaurants offer jazz and live music, and before nightlife starts you can enjoy delicious dishes at dinner listening to jazz. Those places generally open at 11:00 pm until 4:00 am. Talking about nights in Milan, we can’t forget to mention the Milanese custom of having happy hours in clubs from 6 pm to 9:30 pm, where you can drink delicious and unique cocktails served with buffets. It is impossible that people from Milan forget this.

Would you like to listen to jazz music in a comfortable and nice place? Or do you want to dance in a discotheque that plays nice and good music? If so, check the following list that includes some of the most popular and well-known places for nightlife:

  • Leoncavallo is a well-know social center in Milan, where national and international artist play their concerts.

  • Rolling Stone, visited by famous artist, it is considered as the rock temple of Milan city.

  • Le scimmie, it is one of the most popular and important clubs in Navigli area. If you love jazz music, this is the perfect place for you.

  • Hollywood, if you have decided to go dance when you are in Milan, you can go to the most famous disco. It is possible to meet models, actors and even politicians.

  • Loollapalozaa. If you want to have a great time dancing, consider this place.

  • Alcatraz, it is situated in the north of Milan. It is considered as the largest club in the city. People of all ages get there to have fun and enjoy spectacular live concerts.

  • Atlantique, it is a complete place to enjoy at maximum the nightlife in Milan. It is a private club with a restaurant where house music is played for popular and famous bands.

  • Shu, this is a good bar for enjoying a happy hour. You will be impressed by its nice and charming decoration.

  • Il Gattopardo Café, it is another place to show your abilities at dancing or just having fun.

  • Casablanca Café, it offers to visitors and people commercial house music. It is also a restaurant.

  • Alcatraz Disco, it is a mixed place. It is a discotheque, pub and restaurant. You can enjoy an international concert there.

There are only a few good places to consider when you are going to go out at night in Milan.

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