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Eating in milan

If we are in Milan, we can’t miss the chance to try the delicious and exquisite food of the city. Having arrived to Milan we will discover that there are many reasons for Milan to be proud, one of these reasons is the delicious food to be tried. It is a fact: you will find everything to satisfy your demanding taste.

Ris e Spargitt al Milanese Opposite to the continuing change in fashion in Milan, cuisine in this city, referred to as the golden cuisine, has conserved until now its tradition, where homemade elements are much appreciated and valued. This city is well-known for its pasta and pasta-based dishes. We have to mention that these pasta dishes are different from other cities in Italy. Milan has its particular taste which captivates people. The following ingredients are the most used to prepare dishes in Milan: saffron, parmesan, courgette blossoms, cornmeal and orange squash.

Talking about meal times in Milan, there is little difference between this city and the capital city, Rome, because meal time in Milan tends to be earlier than in meal time in Rome. People usually have lunch between 12:00 pm and 2:00pm and have dinner between 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Risotto You can try typical and also international dishes at many restaurants in the city. Be sure the restaurant has good comments, fair prices, good atmosphere and friendly service, before you decide to go there. Some of the popular places to go to eat or drink, are café “Brek”, an excellent place, which has several locations in the city; Da Giacomo, one of the most popular ones, which offers seafood and a delicious seafood pizza; Don Lisander, which offers Lombard-cooking-based dishes and a great diversity of homemade pasta; Giannino is another excellent high-quality restaurant and if someone wants to be delighted by authentic Italian food this place is one of the best options to choose from. We have gathered information on other good restaurants you can visit. Check the section “Restaurants in Milan” in this guide.

There are established expensive restaurants in the central area of the city, so if you are looking for cheap restaurants, you can get out of the center. In those restaurants, you can also find the same dishes, offered with a good service as well, but at cheap prices. If you want to stay at the center of the city and eat there, then consider going to pizzerias, which have lower prices than restaurants. Like in many other countries, you can find many restaurants in Milan, with a variety of food. There are Chinese, Japanese and Russian restaurants among others. After talking about the great options that Milan has for us regarding cuisine, if you are planning to travel to this city, it is for sure that you will be captivated by the pasta and other traditional dishes.

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